Dungeons and Dragons Day Camp THURSDAY AUG 11 (Ages 9-12)

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Join us for a full day of Dungeons and Dragons adventure!

This day camp is for kids ages 9-12 who are new to or have never played Dungeons & Dragons before.  Dungeons and Dragons is the worlds best selling role playing game.

What is a Role Playing Game?  Role playing games are improv acting/storytelling games using a set of rules, dice, paper the imagination of the players.

Participants will get the opportunity to learn the game and act their way through a short first/second-level adventure.

A lunch of J&E's homemade grilled cheese, veggie sticks, fries and a juice box is included with your camp fee.

The camp will run 9am-4pm on THURSDAY, AUG 11

*If you came to the first camp you can use your same character *

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We can't wait to meet your adventurer!